Rumor Watch
Rumor Watch

The Eagle Rumor Watch has landed!  Have you ever questioned a rumor you heard about the Wellsville Schools?   

How nice would it be to have the answer?  Here is your chance!

Tell us what you have heard and we will give you the answer.  No matter the topic.  We plan to track down the truth here at Wellsville Schools and squash the rumors.  Send us your questions to .  We will address the rumors, share the facts and opinions and post it on this page.  However, names of those persons posing the questions/opinion will not be included on the posting. In order to protect USD 289 employees and or students, submissions that identify personnel and/or positions will not be posted. (USD 289 reserves the right to edit and screen all questions before posting)

Your questions and opinions will be addressed in a timely fashion, please allow the district ample time to research the answers.  Thank you so much! 



We have heard several times that next year school hours are going to change? Is this true and if so what times?

The calendar is set by the school, with discussions beginning in March for the upcoming school year.  The amount of time school is in session during any school day is a negotiated item between the Board of Education and The Wellsville Education Association (teacher union) and must meet state standards.  Should any changes occur the two parties must agree.  At this time there has been no change in the length of the school day, although it is a possibility.  The 2014-2015 school calendar including length of school day should be finalized and approved by the May BOE meeting

There are rumors everywhere that there is continuing and wide drug use throughout the Wellsville community, focusing in the high school age area. Is there any evidence of this being true?

Student safety is one of our top priorities here at Wellsville Schools.  We take drug awareness seriously in all levels of our students.  Our Elementary takes part in Red Ribbon Week celebrating across America with classroom activities, drug facts and prevention.  In our Middle School our seventh graders received a book to take home on the dangers of drug use.  Those materials sent home were made possible by donations from our community members and Wellsville police department; they too support drug awareness for our student’s. Our classroom curriculum covers drug awareness as well topics on prevention is taught by some of our counselors as well as our teachers. Our High School PE teacher talks to all of his classes about the dangers of alcohol and drug use.  In the spring we bring in speakers to talk about the dangers to all of our juniors and seniors.


During school our buildings are open to random observations by the local police department and the Franklin County Sheriff’s department.  Lockers can be searched by administrators with reasonable suspicion.


Confused as to why we didn't have school Monday the 6th bc of cold weather when Tuesday the 7th is going to be just as cold if not colder in the morning? What are the rules of no school due to cold weather. I know some kids have to walk to school and I feel for them when its so cold out.

There are no written guidelines or policies to when school will be canceled due to inclement weather.  I do not take the decision lightly when the safety of our students is involved. In making my decision, I gather information from all TV stations and check the weather reports before I talk to the area superintendents. The area superintendents and I usually have a conference call the night before or in the morning about having school or not.  Even though we do not always agree on the decision, we do what’s best for our individual districts. Mr. Kelly, transportation director, and I also drive the roads to check if they are safe. 

I do understand the concerns and appreciate the caring attitude we all have for our students.  I guarantee, if I thought our students were in danger, I would have cancelled school.

Mr. Henn

There has been a lot of talk about them doing away with the tradition 8th Grade Worlds of Fun trip at the end of every year. Is it true that this will be cancelled?

All programs/field trips are evaluated annually to the educational value they provide our students.  Therefore these could change from year to year.  Currently, there are no plans to end this field trip.

My child came home from school and told me that the MS principal stated that they were doing away with the 8th grade parents night for all sports. Is this something that is being started this year or is this just a misunderstanding?

Thank you for your inquiry.  Wellsville Middle School believes that all parents are important.  In the past, 8th grade parents were recognized at volleyball, football, and basketball, while the three other sports, cross country, wrestling, and track did not have a special 8th grade parent recognition.  In order to be fair to all parents, the recognition night has been eliminated.  The school is working with each coach to do a team recognition at the end of each sport season.  A  special athletic recognition at the end of the year awards night is being added.

Can you explain how the budget for USD 289 works? For example, how can the board approve spending money for a new HVAC bid but programs, classes and bus routes are being cut?

Educational operating funds are in three main accounts. There is general, local option, and capital outlay funds. The first two are used for instructional uses which textbooks, salaries, transportation (maintenance and salaries), operating expenses for general custodial and maintenance services, etc. Local option is also based on our community taxes.

Capital outlay fund can only be use for acquisition, construction, repair, remodeling necessary for school district purposes, acquisition school buses and other equipment. Expenditures of capital outlay funds is restricted by state statute and cannot be spent on items in the other categories.

When the Board looks at cutting items in the budget, the only place they can cut daily operation expenses is from the general fund. If we cut from the general fund, the only place we can make up deficit is from local option funds.

The Board has set up a three year plan for spending capital outlay. Upgrading of the HVAC(heating/AC) system is part of this plan for the past three years. If the HVAC systems fail, we would be faced with emergency replacement which could cost us more money.

As a closing statement, general monies and local option monies can be spent on anything within the district, capital outlay can only be spent on physical items, as specified by state statute, within a school district.

Is the Administration aware that chewing tobacco is commonly used in our high school?

The Administration is aware that students might have broken this rule. We do not condone our students breaking this rule or any other rules. Students who break this rule and are caught will suffer the consequences as outlined in our Substance Abuse Policy/Student in Good Standing that have been published in the student handbooks.

As a result from the Rumor Watch tip an empty can of chewing tobacco was found in a soap dispenser. Coaches and teachers have been alerted to this issue and will monitor this closer.

Why did the JV football game get cancelled, when it cleared off right after ?

USD 289 uses the KSHSAA guidlines for lightning safety. They are as follows:

  1. If lightning is seen or thunder is heard, the storm is close enought to pose a risk of a lightninng strike. Suspend play and take shelter immediately
  2. Once play has been suspended, wait at least 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder heard or lightning witnessed before resuming the activity.
  3. Any subsequent thunder or lightning during the 30 minute waiting period resets the clock, and a new 30 minute waiting period begins.


My concern is with the share bin at lunch in middle school where students can put unopened bananas in and then they are put back on the lunch line. My concern is with cold/flu season coming up shortly that this will lead to a spread of illness throughout the school. I understand the cost/food savings that this bin will create but I think it would be better if that fruit was washed with a fruit and vegetable wash or even just with water before being put back on the lunch line.

The Foodservice washes the fresh fruits and vegetables prior to serving the students. Fruits with editable skins are washed before placing back in the lunch line. Common practice just like your local grocery stores is the product is washed once and then put out for consumers.

As I'm sure you are aware I've heard many concerns in regards to the changes our Government has made about school lunches. The concern is not necessarily about the food, but the portion sizes and how it is just not enough calories for growing high school kids, especially if they are in a sport right after school. Even my middle schooler is hungry. Can you let us know who we can write to let them know they are starving our kids and can you answer the question if our kids can purchase two lunches if they pay for it?

Questions about the new school lunch program you can contact:
For additional information:
Yes, the students may purchase a second lunch at the non-reimbursable rate of $3.70 that purchase can only be made with cash. The Eagle Shack is also another option for your student, the HS and MS now as microwaves available as well.

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