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Sport’s Physical Day’s Tuesday, May 9th and Wednesday, May 10th

Cost is $25, pick up physical forms in the office or print below. 

You must have each form to play a sport at WHS. Students and Parents both need to sign the form.

If you have questions, please call the HS office. 

17-18 Physical Form

Concussion Form

https://Emergency Card

WOW—Wellsville FBLA Takes Top Billing at State


Once again, Wellsville FBLA takes Top Billing as the #1 Outstanding FBLA Chapter in Kansas for the second year in a row.  With 3,700+ members statewide (approximately 2,000 competing) and 125 school chapters ranging from 1A to 6A, Wellsville FBLA tallied enough points from placings and chapter activities to receive this tremendous honor.


Wellsville High School FBLA took 43 students to compete last week at the 2017 Kansas FBLA State Leadership Conference in Topeka, Kansas.  Below are the placings the Wellsville High School students received.  Through many hours of preparation and presentation practices, we had 17 students qualify to compete at the 2017 National FBLA Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California this summer.  Although the Top 4 in events are allowed to compete at nationals from every state, Wellsville FBLA's rule is that only the Top 2 are allowed to move on.  With 14 students qualifying last year, this makes this the largest number of students to ever qualify to compete at nationals from Wellsville.  Many of these students are also representing Kansas as the top team or individual.


Although we began raising funds for nationals in September, with so many members qualifying, we are in need of fundraisers that we can do within the next month or two.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.  I am trying to make this trip as financially feasible as possible so that all can compete.


And many thanks to everyone who has supported this program, our kids and myself over the years, especially the elementary who allowed the American Enterprise team to do their project this year.  I appreciate all of the kind words you have for the kids and the support you have given them.  Take care and let's have a great rest of the school year.


Lauren Taylor was elected as the Kansas FBLA Treasurer.

Tracie & Tony Toman were the Business Persons of the Year

(1st)   American Enterprise Project--Jaycee Fluderer, Grace Newhouse & Grace Showalter

(8th)   Banking & Financial Systems--Holly Hoehn, Anna Kline & Tyler Toman

(4th)   Computer Applicaitons--Lauren Taylor

(1st)   Computer Game & Simulation Programming--Blake Ohlmeier & Cameron Witcher

(4th)   Digital Video Production--Emily Kline, Mackenzie Moore & Haylen Wilhite

(1st)   E-Business (Holly Hoehn, Anna Kline & Tyler Toman

(10th) FBLA Principles & Procedures--Natalie Shuey

(5th)   Hospitality Management--Holly Hoehn, Anna Kline & Grace Showalter

(6th)   Introduction to Business Communications--Marissa Haagensen

(1st)   Introduction to Business Presentation--Sean Becker, Jeff Ebeck & Paige McCarty

(2nd)   Introduction to Information Technology--Cass Mignot

(1st)   Job Interview--Andrew Lindsey

(2nd)  Job Interview--Joey Phillips

(1st)   Local Chapter Annual Business Report--Grace Newhouse

(8th)   Management Information Systems--Cass Mignot, Joey Phillips & Cameron Witcher

(6th)   Marketing--Holly Hoehn, Anna Kline & Tyler Toman

(4th)   Network Design--Cass Mignot, Joey Phillips & Cameron Wticher

(10th) Public Speaking I--Gracie Everhart

(1st)   Websight Design--Cass Mignot, Jacky Lopez & Savannah Sartin

(3rd)   Word Processing--Lauren Taylor

(3rd)   Mr. FBL--Joey Phillips

(8th)   Mr. FBL--Tyler Toman

(3rd)   Ms. FBL--Anna Kline

(4th)   National Who's Who in FBLA--Anna Kline

(5th)   National Who's Who in FBLA--Joey Phillips

(1st)   Outstanding FBLA Chapter--Wellsville High School


We also took 25  Wellsville Middle School FBLA members to compete on March 30.  Their results will be out by the end of next week.

Congratulations to Mrs. Lindbloom and her students in band and choir.  They received a 1 rating at state large group.  A 1 rating is the best rating they can receive.  The student’s hard work and Mrs. Lindbloom’s hard work all school year have paid off!  Very nice work!  The Eagle family is very proud of your accomplishments.


Upcoming Enrollment Opportunities 


Wellsville High School is excited to announce a new agreement with Neosho Community College in Ottawa.  WHS students will now be able to take up to 15 hours per semester at Neosho County.  We will transport them to the campus in Ottawa and then bring them back to school.  These are concurrent credit classes so they will receive both High School and College Credit.

Students that take 6 hours of classes per semester will be at Neosho from 8:15 to 9:30am.  They will then come back to the High School for 4th hour.

Students that take 12 hours of classes per semester will be at Neosho from 8:15am to 11:00am.  They will return for the start of 5th hour.

These classes run Monday through Thursday.  On Friday students can go to the campus for free tutoring on any of the classes that they are taking there.  Neosho will also have speakers there to talk about soft skills, study skills, financial aid…  If they don’t need the tutoring they don’t have to go to Neosho that morning.

If they want to take 15 hours they can take the additional class on Friday.

If a student really wanted to they could get their associates degree at the same time as their high school degree. 

Additionally, Neosho has agreed to drop the price of tuition for Wellsville students that are currently in High School.   Instead of paying $135 per credit hour Wellsville students will be able to only pay $75 per credit hour. (There is an additional $16/credit hour for textbooks).

This is a substantial savings:

                60 hours X $75 = $4500     60 hours X $135 = $8100                  Savings of $3600

                KU/K State Tuition is around $12,000 per year

Unfortunately there is no financial aid for students who enroll in concurrent classes.  However, Neosho provides a payment plan.

The average amount of time it takes to get a college degree has increased. 

                25% graduate in 4 years

                35% graduate in 5 years

                40% graduate in 6 years.

Taking dual credit classes can help speed up this time.

Mrs. McCullough has visited with all of the Sophomores and Juniors about this opportunity.

We will have a parent meeting to discuss this on March 20th at 6:30pm in the HS Commons Area.

If you have any questions please call or email: 

                Emily McCullough- Counselor:   emccullough@usd289.org

                Josh Adams-Principal:  jadams@usd289.org

NCCC Class Schedule

Allen County Online Classes 

Online College Classes

Thanks to Senate Bill 155, the state of Kansas pays tuition costs for high school students taking Career and Technical Education (CTE) Courses.

Allen County Community College offers a variety of Online CTE courses free of charge.  Career and Technical courses help students develop skills and knowledge for a variety of career fields.  A few of the courses do have a textbook/software fee.

I have attached the list of classes that our students can take for concurrent credit (high school and college credit) from Allen County Community College.

Students enrolled in these classes will take them online in one of our computer labs during one of our class periods.

Most of these classes can be used to get a certificate.  This information is listed underneath each section of the classes.

Mrs. McCullough has visited with all of the sophomores and juniors  to explain this to them.

We will have a parent meeting to discuss this on March 20th at 6:30pm in the HS Commons Area.

If you have any questions please call or email:

                Emily McCullough- Counselor:   emccullough@usd289.org

                Josh Adams- Principal: jadams@usd289.org

ACCC Classes 

CTE School 

Wellsville High School is excited to offer several new CTE programs for the next school year.  Currently we offer Nursing, HVAC and Welding. 

Next year we will be adding: Industrial Engineering Technology, Power Plant Technology, Construction Technology, and Automotive Technology.

Thanks to Senate Bill 155, the state of Kansas pays tuition costs for high school student for enrollment in approved CTE courses.  Students don’t have to pay the tuition, they just have to pay the fees.

As you can see in the descriptions below, it is much cheaper to go through these programs when you are in high school then to start them after you graduate.

These programs all offer certifications so a student is ready to work in that field after they graduate high school.

I have attached a description of each program that tells the tentative cost of the fees, what certifications they can get and the average pay for those certifications in this area.

The Nursing program is offered at Neosho County Community College in Ottawa.  The Welding program is offered at Garnett. The other programs are offered at Peaslee Tech in Lawrence. 

Wellsville High School provides transportation.  Students would leave at 7:45am and then return to school at 11:13 in time for 5th hour.

Mrs. McCullough has met with all of the sophomores and juniors to discuss these new offerings. 

We will have a parent meeting to discuss this on March 20th at 6:30pm in the HS Commons Area.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email.

                Emily McCullough-Counselor   emccullough@usd289.org

                Josh Adams-Principal  jadams@usd289.org

CTE School Costs 

CTESchool Criteria 


2017-2018 Course Description Book 






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