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Wall of Fame

Wellsville Wall of Fame

Nomination Form

Arthur Wendell Hicks Inducted 5/21/2005

James C. T. Pool   Inducted 5/21/2005

Dr. Ralph E. (Jack) Chalender  Inducted 5/20/2006

Miss Ellen Cox   Inducted 5/20/2006

Mr. James C. Wright   Inducted 5/20/2006

Luetta (Rew) Crist and Junior Crist  Inducted 5/19/2007

Jackie Rush   Inducted 5/17/2008

Robert H. Cramer    Inducted 5/17/2008

Depreeze Pearson   Inducted 5/16/2009

Elizabeth (Converse) Layton   Inducted 5/16/2009

Emily (Bloss) Carpenter   Inducted 5/22/2010

Wilma ( Rhoades) Higbie   Inducted 5/22/2010

1987 State Championship Basketball Team   Inducted 5/21/2011

Richard Raugewitz    Inducted 5/21/2011

James Allen Chisham   Inducted 5/19/2012

Steve Morris    Inducted 5/18/2013

Almeda (Sinclair) Edwards   Inducted 5/16/2015

Rick Phillips    Inducted 5/26/2015

Dr. Warren LeRoy (Roy) Moss   Inducted 5/14/2016

William (Bill) Lytle  Inducted 5/13/2017