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Posted Date: 10/04/2017

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If you student is absent from school, please follow these directions to receive their homework. 

Daily Lessons:  All teachers will have their daily lessons on the school website.  To find the daily lesson go to the school website

 - Under the Schools tab click High School.

 - On the left side of the page click High School Teacher Pages.

 - Click on the teachers your student has.

 - Material covered will be posted for each day.  Absent students are encouraged to visit this website, see what they missed, and print it right from that screen.


At the high school level, grades and credit are earned by successfully completing each semester of a course.  At the end of the nine weeks we will continue to send out a progress report that tells what grade the student has at the halfway mark of the semester.  The semester grade is the only grade that will be on the student's transcript. We will no longer have nine weeks grades.

2017-2018 Course Description Book