I am so excited to let everyone know that this was Wellsville FBLA’s greatest national competition EVER. Chase Bouse (2014 graduate), Ashley Ebeck (2014 graduate) Ashtyn Rottinghaus (will be junior) and Hailey Watson (will be senior) all earned the opportunity to compete against the nation’s best students this past week (June 28-July 2) in Nashville, Tennessee. This was the largest conference by far as nationals decided to take the top 3 finishers in every event from each state. Competing against over 10,300 of the top students from around the nation and two other countries, the kids combined to bring home three top 5 finishes, with one being a national championship for the Local Chapter Annual Business Report that showcases all of the activities Wellsville FBLA partakes in. This is the first time EVER that Wellsville FBLA has won three awards. It is also the first 1st place trophy we have ever won in Wellsville FBLA’s existence over the past 38 years. As you can imagine, we had some very HAPPY students and an ecstatic adviser. The kids ALL represented Wellsville, Wellsville High School, Wellsville FBLA and Kansas extremely well. I couldn’t have been more proud of the kids. 

• Ashley Ebeck represented the Top FBLA student from Kansas as the national Who’s Who. She not only walked across the stage and was acknowledged, but this year they gave each state’s representative $100.

• Chase, Ashley & Ashtyn competed in the American Enterprise project and placed 4th in the nation. They wrote a report pertaining to the American Enterprise Workshops the FBLA kids present to the 5th grade students. (Special thanks to Linda Robinson, Alise Chandler & Tony Taylor for allowing us to do this the past three years.) They also incorporated some of the information as to the curriculum requirements being added for Computer Applications, Business Essentials and Personal and Business Finance. To enhance the project more, Wellsville FBLA also include information about financial literacy and its importance to our economy. We also won $200 for our chapter.

• Ashtyn wrote and designed the Local Chapter Annual Business Report that received 1st place at nationals. With Ashtyn receiving 1st on this report, this classifies Wellsville FBLA as the top chapter in the nation. National Champions BABY!!! We also won $500 for our chapter.

• Ashtyn also placed 4th in the Job Interview event, where she was competing against juniors and seniors. She missed receiving $500 by one place, but 4th was great.

• Although Hailey did not place in the top 10 at nationals in Business Procedures, she represented Kansas as the top performer in this event.

As I mentioned before, these were unbelievable feats. Less than 7% of the students competing ever place. Considering Kansas is one of the smallest FBLA State Chapters (we competed with 170 students from Kansas), it is phenomenal what we did. To top everything off, Ashtyn Rottinghaus placed in all three events she was in or a team member of, and each one of them were top 5 finishes. We (the state chairman and I) are almost positive, she is the first Kansas student to ever do this. Normally students can only compete in one event, unless it is a chapter event. Two of Ashtyn's events were chapter events and the Job Interview was an individual event.

All four Wellsville kids also helped to campaign for Sarah Niederee (Great Bend, KS) for the National FBLA Mountain Plains Vice President position. Not only was Sarah elected, but Kansas brought home at least 27 trophies. The highest amount I have ever seen us receive in my 21 years as an adviser.

These kids spent many hours before school, after school and during the summer to obtain these achievements. The hours they put into practicing their presentation was unbelievable. To all of those teachers, community leaders and members and individuals that have personally praised the efforts of Wellsville FBLA and these kids, I am indebted to you. We all helped to get them to where they are today. 

Dawn Rottinghaus
Wellsville FBLA Adviser


“Wood” You Collaborate?

DeAnna Morgan, Art Teacher WHS


What distance would you go to collaborate with someone? That is the question that students from Hutchinson Middle School and Wellsville Middle School have asked themselves the past three weeks.

Through Skype, eighth grade students have been discussing, exploring, and formulating ideas for their installation sculpture. Students studied the works of Patrick Dougherty- a sculpture artist who creates site-specific sapling creations, explored how line-work can show different emotions, and how to be team players within their own classroom and across Kansas by video chat.

The idea was formulated for a collaborative project by their teachers, Kylee Baldetti from Hutchinson, and DeAnna Morgan from Wellsville. “We wanted our students to think a bit further than the city limits of their town. We get so caught up in our local surroundings that we forget that there is more out there. That is the great thing about Art- it’s global and everyone can access it,” said Morgan.

Baldetti was familiar with the sculpture’s form as she was part of the original sculpture design created at Wayne State College. “We took our spin on it from the artist, Pearl, and titled our students’ work ‘Pearl’s Piece Arch’ to give her the credit,” said Baldetti. "The Wayne State College installation drew many students and visitors to interact with it. When Mrs. Morgan and I were deciding on a sculpture for our project we wanted something that would make an impact from a distance." She drew up the plans and with much enthusiasm the project with Wellsville began.

The idea was there, but where would the finished work go? “We decided that it would be cool to find a site that fit our sculpture form and would be half way between our schools,” said Morgan. After a few phone calls, Baldetti came across Camp Wood YMCA in Elmdale, Kansas- exactly half way between Wellsville and Hutchinson. Camp Wood YMCA is located atop the Cottonwood River Valley with the Flint Hills as its backdrop. It features 630 acres of Kansas Tallgrass Prairie and is the only YMCA camp in the United States located in this unique ecosystem. 

Executive Director, Ken Wold, and Senior Program Director, Cheri Shaver, were looking forward to the project. “When I first saw the picture I started thinking about where it could be placed at camp. I then was chatting with Ken about how we could build onto it at camp and about how it could build into community. When the tall grasses grow the colors on the sculpture will really stand out at different times of the day,” commented Shaver.

To begin the creation of the project students met over Skype. "It was a unique opportunity for our students to communicate with another school in Kansas. Skype provided us with the resources to help make this project happen. Each class had a representative to help lead discussion and generate ideas that were then shared with the other school,” stated Baldetti. Students “met” at least twice a week to check up on each other’s progress. Each student received one piece of lumber to work with. Each school had their choice of a base color for their stick; Wellsville had the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) and Hutchinson had the secondary colors (green, violet, and orange). Following the base color, students painted line-work on their sticks that best expressed themselves. “This project is a great way to collaborate because each student has their own individual part to express themselves but still come together to make it one sculpture in the end,” said Baldetti.


The lumber for Wellsville Middle School was graciously donated by Home Depot of Olathe. “We are very thankful for a hand up in our Art Department. Anything that involves kids and community is supported when we need it and that is absolutely wonderful,” said Morgan. “Mike Kranzler, Merchandising Assistant Store Manager at Home Depot, was very excited about the project and more than willing to help.” The Home Depot of Hutchinson gave Baldetti a large discount on all of the supplies for her students and she is equally grateful.


The project will remain at Camp Wood YMCA for the duration of the summer season. Shaver mentioned, “We are starting a community based leadership camp (Community Ambassadors) that focuses on character and skills development, with an emphasis on serving in community. These middle school-aged campers will build onto the sculpture. The campers in our weekly arts & crafts program area will also have the opportunity to add to it each week. We would love to continue to develop this and to find new ways to utilize it as a way to bring a community focus to it and to invite others schools to see what they can do.”


Baldetti and Morgan are currently formulating a new sculpture for next year’s students. Baldetti said, “This was a great start to installations for our students, now it’s just what to do next.” The two are currently in process of submitting a proposal to present at National Art Education Association’s 2015 National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana covering their process and the completed project. “We are stoked and hoping that we get in. It would be fantastic to share our idea and gain more ideas from other teachers. How cool would it be if we could bring more schools from other states in with us? There is nowhere else to go but up. We have our base, now to expand and change more lives through art.”



Enrollment Changes for Next School Year

It is always good for our school district to take the time to revisit our services we provide for you and your students.  We continue to work hard at providing our students a top notch education.  Changes we make will focus around our district Vision Statement, “Empowering a community of lifelong learners.”  We continue to strive to meet this vision.

PowerSchool is a tool we provide to help you to monitor your student’s grades, attendance, lunch balances etc.  You no longer have to wait for parent teacher conference or a phone call from school to obtain information about your student.  If you haven’t already, please take the time to log into PowerSchool to view your student’s grades.  If you need help getting into PowerSchool, please call the office of your student’s school if you need assistance.

As we continue moving forward, we are looking at online enrollment.  Currently we have open enrollment, one day in August, and depending when you come to the school to enroll, the wait might be long.  With online enrollment, there is no waiting.  We are exploring this option for the upcoming school year.  We realize that not everyone will want to utilize this option; therefore we would continue to have an enrollment day for a while. We will be moving towards doing everything online at a later date. 

Changes can be worrisome and in some cases, frustrating.  I also know standing in line and waiting to enroll can be just the same.  We are excited to look at other options to simplify the enrollment process.  Be looking for new and exciting changes for the upcoming school years. 

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