What does Ms. Willis do?

  • Talks with students individually or in groups.
  • Maintains student and parent confidences.
  • Facilitates development classroom guidance lessons for all students.
  • Helps identify the special needs of children.
  • Helps students understand and accept themselves and others.
  • Helps students learn responsibility by becoming aware of the consequences of their behavior.
  • Promotes positive attitudes among students and staff members.
  • Works with parents and teachers to help their children achieve their fullest academic, social, and emotional potential.
  • Helps develop personalized programs, when applicable, based on each child ‘ s strengths, weaknesses, and needs.
  • Coordinates efforts with other school specialists.
  • Coordinates referrals to outside agencies and community resources.
  • Facilitates parent education programs.
  • Provides in-service training sessions, workshops, and seminars.