Directions for Softball

Central Heights: Take I-35 S to US 59 S. After you go through Princeton you will go around a curve on 59 S. Before you get to the second curve take a left on Ellis Road. Go East on Ellis Road, the school is on the left. The Fields are across from the HS, South of the football field.

Prairie View – (Fields are at the school.) Take 33 Hwy to 68 Hwy. 68 Hwy East to 169 South. 169 South to Old KC Road/327th St Exit (1st Exit after Paola Exit) At Exit ramp go left (327th St). Go Approx 1 ½ Miles to Stop sign. At Stop sign go right on Hospital Drive. Go Approx 1 ½ miles to T intersection. At T go left on 343 St, go across RR Tracks. After RR Tracks go right on Hedge Lane. There is a sign that says Fontana. Go Approx 10 ½ miles on Hedge Lane. You will come to a 3 way intersection and the school is right there. The softball fields are past the school on the left as you are heading south.

Baldwin: Ball Fields are not located at the High School. They are located by the elementary on the west side of town. Take 33 Hwy North to 56 Hwy. Turn left onto 56 Hwy. Continue through Baldwin. As you are leaving Baldwin you will see an elementary school on the left side of the Hwy. Turn left.

Anderson County: (Fields are not at the high school) I-35 South to Ottawa. Take 59 South to Garnett. As you get into town you will see the new elementary school on the left. Turn left just past the elementary school and the fields are right there.

Louisburg: (They play at Lewis & Young Park, not at the high school) Take 33 Hwy South to 68 Hwy. Turn left (East) on 68 Hwy. 68 runs through Louisburg. Go through town and you will hit a 4-way stop. Turn left (North). Go approximately 2 miles and turn left (west) at 271st St. (Just past Mossman Lumber Co. on your right). Go about a mile and take a right (North) on Jingo Rd. You will curve back to the west and you will see the lights for Lewis and Young Park.

West Franklin: (Fields are not at the high school) I 35 South to 68 Hwy West. Go all the way through Pomona to Dollar General Store. Take a right on California Terrace and the fields are there.

Iola: They play their baseball games at the Riverside Park. Go South on I-35 to Ottawa. Then go South on 59 toward Garnett. South of Garnett 59 merges with 169. Stay on 169 S until you get to Iola. Take the 54 West Exit at Iola. Go west to State Road (McDonald’s). Go South on State 6 blocks. The Riverside Park entrance is on the right.

Osawatomie: (Ball Fields are not located at the school.) KS 33 South to 68. Go right on 68 to Vermont Road (toward Rantoul). Go South on Vermont Road to John Brown Rd. Go left on John Brown Rd 5 miles. When you get to the high school take a right and head South. You will see the ball fields on the right.

Burlingame: Take Hwy 33 N to HWY 56. Turn left on Hwy 56. After you cross 75 Hwy you will go through Scranton and then on into Burlingame. When you come to the 4-way stop sign (there is only one), turn right (North) and go 2 blocks and then a fairly long stretch--you should see the football field on your left--turn into Allen Community College (before you get out of town). The ball fields are North of Allen Community College.