Strategic and Facilities Planning Update

Strategic and Facilities Planning Review and Updates

In September 2018, USD 289 began a Strategic Planning Process.  Stakeholders from across the community were invited to be a part of the process.  The committee was comprised of 7 groups. Each group contained a student, parent, community member, 2 staff members and a board member for a total of 45-50 members.  The purpose of the committee was to develop a five year strategic plan to include the following components:

  • To develop a vision for the next 5 years

  • Concentration of effort through a focused mission and measurable objectives

  • Full district and community involvement and support

  • District and community support

  • Implementation and individualized accountability

  • Annual evaluation and renewal of the plan

The Strategic Planning Committee met twice for over 3 hours at each meeting.  The groups work included reviewing data and an overview of current programs, comprising a dream statement of what USD 289 would look like in 3 years, and discussing district strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges as it related to students, educational programming, communications/culture, facilities, and personnel.  Ultimately, the committee developed 4 common themes and a report of their work was created.  From these themes, staff and administration developed 5 goals and objectives or a Strategic Plan Draft.  The draft plan was shared with staff and community groups (Site Councils, Wellsville Chamber, etc.), feedback was collected, changes made, and the finalized USD 289 Strategic Plan was taken to the USD 289 Board of Education for approval in November 2018.  The final plan was then shared with USD 289 staff and implementation began. In July 2019, the Strategic Planning Committee convened for the first annual review of the plan and to provide feedback on the progress that had taken place to date.  A report of this work was created.  The Strategic Planning Committee convened to review the progress that had taken place and provide feedback.  

Facilities Planning


One of the goal areas from the strategic plan involved facilities.  This includes both short and long range facilities planning. In the Spring of 2019, a facilities audit was conducted by an outside firm to assist in determining both short and long term facility needs and repairs.   A short range planning process and list was created and implemented in the Spring 2019. This year a facilities planning committee was created to begin discussing a long range facilities plan.  The committee is comprised of 7 groups of stakeholders. Students, staff, parents, community members, and board of education members are all represented on the committee. The committee’s charge includes the following:    

  • Discuss and Define Facility System Adequacy, Suitability, and Sustainability

  • Determine and Define any Facility Improvement Needs

  • Prepare Recommendations and or Data as Charged by the Board

The committee met once in September 2019 and once in October 2019.  The next committee meeting is scheduled for November 12th, 2019. The committee began their work by completing a facilities tour of Wellsville Elementary, Middle School, and High School.  Committee members completed surveys and began discussing and prioritizing building needs and desires. It is anticipated that the committee will share their work with the USD 289 Board of Education in January 2020.  

Both the Strategic and Facilities Planning processes have been designed to allow all stakeholder groups to have a strong voice throughout the process.  It is essential that the wishes and desires of stakeholders are represented in these plans. We have been very fortunate to have a dedicated group of stakeholders who have worked very hard throughout the processes described above.  If you have questions or would like additional information regarding the Strategic and/or Facilities Planning process, please contact me at or 785-883-2388.