Community Letter

As this past semester comes to a close, on behalf of USD 289 teachers and administrators, we want to share our thanks and appreciation to several groups for their tremendous efforts the past two months.

The last quarter of the school year was an unprecedented time in our state and district. As we navigated the many changes brought about by COVID-19, we understand that this can be a time of anxiousness and uncertainty for many families. What isn’t an uncertainty is the love and passion our staff, community, parents, and board of education have for our students, their families, and one another and the care and support our community has for one another. 

  • To our students:  Our staff misses their students immensely and while they enjoyed the opportunity to still connect with them virtually, that cannot replace the in person interaction that is so special between  teachers and their students.  We know that you missed out many culminating activities including spring sports, concerts, awards ceremonies, and graduations.  We asked you to adapt and adjust and your flexibility, attitude and resilience was amazing and will serve you well as you continue throughout life.

  • To our parents and guardians:  At a time when your own life was thrown into chaos, we asked you to embrace a more robust home-school partnership.  Your plates became even more full and still stepped up to get it done!  You are amazing!  We have always valued and had an excellent home-school partnership with our families, but throughout this process that partnership grew stronger and became even more meaningful.  It would not have happened without you and all of your efforts do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated.   

  • To our classified and support staff:  We asked you to adjust job assignments and take on new roles.  You kept things running smoothly while many adjustments and changes were happening.  Your efforts in feeding families, supporting students continual learning, cleaning buildings, and more was awesome!  

  • To our Wellsville Community Partners:  We could not have done it without you.  From volunteering to help serve meals, donating resources, to celebrating our seniors, your support throughout has been tremendous!  Simply put, the Wellsville Community is awesome!

  • To our Board of Education: As community leaders we want to thank you for helping us navigate these uncharted waters.  Tough decisions have had to be made, but you have made every decision in the best interest of all students.   


Through the implementation of our Continual Learning Plan, we have learned many lessons.  We have many things to celebrate and also know of things that we would change or alter if faced with this challenge again.  We have grown as a result of what we have learned together.  We appreciate the tremendous partnerships and support from the Wellsville Community.  You have exhibited grace, flexibility, and support throughout the process.  

While some things were lost this Spring, we also found that we are capable of great things when we work together.  We found some new and exciting ways of doing some things that will be beneficial to us in the future.  We also found that not even a global pandemic will stop us from educating our children.  

While next year may have some unknowns yet remaining, we have been hard at work preparing for whatever scenario we may face.  The Wellsville administrators and teachers will continue working together for our students and community.  We wish each of you a safe and enjoyable summer!  It’s A Great Day to Be an Eagle!


 Ryan Bradbury                                                         Heather Heath

Superintendent                                                          President

USD 289 Wellsville                                                   Wellsville Educators Association